Trace metals

To choose the nutritional contribution of trace metals, the criteria must meet the daily quantity required and their qualitative value. If we claim to give a trace metal supplement for months, or even years, for the purpose of preventing deficiencies, it is essential, in this case, not to cause physical disorders.

Trace metals can have different actions, depending on their combination.

It is vital not to stop eating healthy food which, by its natural balance, offers completely bioavailable trace metals.

To give metals as a supplement, to offset any deficiencies, these supplements must be provided in food during meals. So mixed in a food bowl, the various substances added do not give specific information, they only add weight. This is what we do every day, for example, by salting food. On the other hand, orally taking a trace metal, alone, between meals, in a weak dilution, provides electromagnetic information.

The research into the information on metals in the body has enabled to us develop nutritional supplements that correspond with some vital currents. It was thus established that there are 33 essential vital currents divided into 5 sets linked to the 5 senses which permit this environmental relationship.

Today, there is growing interest in environmental information which can cause behavioural changes sometimes leading to physical disturbances.

"Mini-dosed" trace metal complexes

It is precisely the study of the deviation of vital currents in the body which led to the development of trace metal complexes, which, depending on the order in which they are taken, provide regulation information.

Trace metals in an infinitesimal dilution have an impact on the body; this impact is not linked to their mass, but their information. In fact, their action causes a transformation: in this case, the metal acts as "information".


The bioavailability of a trace element (like that of a vitamin) is conferred to on it by body's ability to assimilate it. This depends on the transport and competition that are activated during absorption, in relation to other elements. The presence of a trace metal in a nutritional supplement is not a guarantor of its bioavailability.

Many nutritional supplements contain trace elements that are difficult to assimilate.

A lyophilised product, for example, loses part of its nutritional properties after the water that binds the molecules has been removed. Only anxious to extract the quintessence from food, you get rid of certain constituents, which are considered unnecessary: in reality, the co-factors needed for food recognition and assimilation by the body are separated. Oysters are naturally rich in trace elements but that does not mean that, when they are dried, they necessarily contain assimilable trace elements.


Intelligently inspired by physiology


Based on their patented technology, the Nutrilab Laboratories are launching their "New Generation" complexes.

What's original about these complexes?

A patented assembly protocol :

The trace metals are combined in a very precise way, according to a proprietary protocol, in order to redistribute Vital Cellular Information to the body. They act in synergy to enable correspondence with vital currents. This patented assembly protocol gives the complex excellent biocompatibility and bioavailability.

An infinitsimal dilution and a weight dose :

As the trace metal are micro-dosed, their action on the body is not related to their mass, but the Cellular Information transmitted. They are a kind of trigger for chemical reactions inside the body.

They cause a transformation in order to restore balance. The deficit causing the imbalance no longer finds a favourable environment to support it so it disappears.

Instruction for use :

micro-dosed trace metal complexes can be taken:

• in combination, for a global approach and to correspond with vital currents

• in sequence, for a more targeted approach


Truly inspired by nature

Micro-dosed trace metal complexes :

  • 100% natural, without dyes or GMOs
  • Biocompatible, for compliance with vital currents
  • Bioavailable, for optimal assimilation

Quick and targeted activation

No side effects or addiction,

No cariogenic effects,

A patented assembly protocol.

A New Generation concept specifically aimed at :

  • Cellular oscillation  
  • Cellular communication  
  • Ionic exchanges  
  • Biochemical reactions  
  • Vital Currents