Scientifically inspired by research

The Nutrilab Laboratories are the culmination of 30 years of research and expertise in the field of micro nutrition and in particular expertise in molecular information.

Driven by their highly scientific approach and the lessons learned from clinical experience and observation, the Nutrilab Laboratories have been able decode the language of different imbalanced variables at cellular level, responsible for "field" disturbances among humans. At the same time, they have been able to identify the variables that characterise the fields favourable to successful reproduction.

These discoveries have led to the fundamental need to rebalance these fields.

It is in an approach with a specific ethical intention that the Laboratories Nutrilab have developed tried and tested innovative solutions:

Micro-dosed trace metal complexes


Directly inspired by respect for humans

A number of scientists agree on the correlation between lifestyle and health, the Nutrilab Laboratories have given themselves the task of offering people original, natural and effective solutions to help ensure the right daily balance.

The Nutrilab Laboratories are committed to this approach of development and progress in well-being, contributing to the evolution of an approach that is more respectful of the individual as a whole and environment.

Strengthened by an ethos based on harmony and respect for humans and the concept of values, the team from the Nutrilab Laboratories are committed to a sustainable strategy in its Research & Development, to produce high quality, natural and responsible products, that meet the expectations of health professionals and consumers.

The R&D department, supported by an experienced multidisciplinary team, develops its specific complexes and its manufacturing processes, while constantly striving for excellence.

Fields of application

Clinically inspired by health needs

The Nutrilab Laboratories specialise in three major sectors of the life sciences:

•               Gynaecology

•               Dermatology       

•               Ophthalmology

Nutrilab Laboratories' products are recommended by healthcare professionals (general practitioners, medical specialists, specific expertise doctors, pharmacists, etc.) and can be ordered by post, telephone or online.


Inspired strictly by quality, safety and traceability

In order to guarantee its customers products that meet a high level of quality in maximum safety conditions, the Nutrilab Laboratories rely on its expertise.

The procedures defined in the specifications are put in place at each step, from design to marketing.

The manufacture of the complexes is carried out according to the strictest standards to ensure safety and traceability (ISO 9001 and European Directive 2002/46, FDA).

To meet the requirements, Nutrilab Laboratories' products are made in France within a unit complies with the applicable standards.


Checks are carried out at each stage:

•  Selection of raw materials of natural origin with perfectly demonstrated safety.

• Physical, chemical and microbiological controls at each stage of life of the

•  Controlled product traceability.

•  Compliance with French and international regulations.


Globally inspired 

Nutrilab Laboratories have an international presence. Via their distributors, they are present in :


•               Europe

•               Asia

•               In the United States and Canada